Miscellaneous: Drawings

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once s/he grows up." (Pablo Picasso)

FOR NOW – Group Shot
FOR NOW – Longing for You
FOR NOW – Listen to your Heart
FOR NOW – Love yourself
FOR NOW – Good Luck for your Future
FOR NOW – Dancing with you
FOR NOW – What doesn‘t kill me, makes me strong
FOR NOW – The Growing Process
FOR NOW – Melting and Eternity
FOR NOW – What makes my Wheels turn around
FOR NOW – Is there Anybody out there?
FOR NOW – Awakening
Anima + Animus – die Kraft der Selbsterkenntnis
Diana Rigg – Influencer
Dreaming Beauty
Wolke 7
Jeanne Moreau – Influencer
Veronika thinking of Ice Cream
Xenia – Auf das Detail kommt es an
You are the Key of my Kingdom
Das Parfum
Die roten Schuhe