Artists Soul

Artists Soul


Auf meiner Vernissage zur Ausstellung Sherins Wunderland fand Dr. Hush, die mich auf meiner Reise begleitet, Worte, das Wesen meiner künstlerischen Persönlichkeit zu beschreiben, die ich Ihnen nicht vorenthalten möchte:


To her finest sense in the world of art and

To my dearest friend who owns a tendered soul:

When Sherin asked me to write something for her art works, I hesitated, as I believe that always, or almost always, art can only be seen, be felt, but not be described. It is afterwards, I realize what I can speak about is the person, the person who makes art, the person who is passionate about art and the person who lives in art. As no poem, no painting, no music can replace the person who makes them.

I can speak about her courage, the courage to work in one of the most provoking art fields, the courage to challenge her own personal life, the courage to take the risks both in the sense of her works and her life, the courage to constantly questioning and being able to be questioned, the courage to seek the understanding of herself and the world around her.

I can speak about her dedication, the dedication she has laid in her art works and her heart to pursue the spirit of art. It is not that she has to achieve something, it is her curiosity of herself and the world around her, it is her seeking of the understanding of every tiny part of human being.

I can speak of her apparent distinct visual style, her marvellous attention to detail, her colourful set design, and the prevalent themes of every painting: the dominant, the submissive, the yearning, and the dampened emotions…

But, I have forgotten those words I laid aside me. My words for you are vanishing in front of your art. My words would be crumbled and drained while I am searching for them.

Now, I am talking to you without them in front of your world. Your stories told from the point of impact and no conventional resolution could be more profound. You, the artist, bring us to a state of breathless expectations that you have invented a new form of excitement. The way you walk the fine line between erotic and art, making both of them completed. The deep colours of your painting saturate the themes of your wonderland. The empty spaces are filled by your desire and our existences tonight. Never before have we may been immersed in your world as fully as tonight…

Your art touches us in the finest sense, your paintings represent a bold departure of human yearning. Sexuality is a scandalous in a women, it is a serious matter when a woman talks about it. Female voice is rather likely to be silenced, as the society imposes ‘silence’ into the part of our main ‘female identity’. We are often ‘silenced’ by moral rules and social forces and most of us are rather like to take the positions to be silenced, as this does not challenge the beliefs the society imposes upon women. We ‘choose’ to be silent due to the fears we unconsciously and constantly encounter in our everyday lives.

As we are still struggling to speak out, you dare to put yourself at the very front line – to speak the unspoken forbidden, to explore the role women take in their social and sexual activities, to make the statement boldly in public sphere. You have made yourself what we have waited for. You have – that is what we call – a soul of art!

To Sherin and her wonderland